and he is back  Phew what a holiday.. ok guys forgive me, so i got a new job in another country and had to put a hold on my first love. playing with words. but a couple of years on that treadmill and lots of finger twitching sleepless nights has brought me back to the passion that feeds my flames and cools my madness of-course. So here is to old friends and lovers who have crept in here surreptitiously to find out if there was new content. Im dusting and cleaning cobwebs I am Jàgùdà – that very good bad guy

Tales by Moonlight--- One Night's Stand

The Adventures of Jaguda 3D:-      Tales by Moonlight--- One Night's Stand (coming soon)

I hate MONDAYS!!!

So yeah i hate mondays and , here i am on a friday thinking of how monday is only 2 days away and feeling so morose. Can i get an amen somebodi????? My Alarm jarrs me awake from the cozy solitude of my sweet bed and the head fitting mould of teh pillow caressing me . No ooooooooooooooooo!!!! Death to MONDAYS!!!!

The Power of SEX!!!

The Power of SEX!!! The Adventures of Jàgùdà Continue. Teacher to Jàgùdà:- Jàgùdà what do you think of the Power of Sex? Jàgùdà to Teacher:- SEX???!! It makes some religious: "oh god, yes, oh my god, jesusssss! Yes!"                    It gives u  ur 1st start to singing lesson: "mmmmmm, annnnnnn, oooooooooh" It makes you a natural competitor: "fast, faster, faster!" You suddenly become Boss for NDLEA:  "shit, o shit, shit, shit, shit! (Abi, who else dey order person 2 shit 4 9ja?)" You announce your own obituary: "yeee! Ah! You are killing me, I'm dead, shit I'm finished, I'll die 2day" Some babes suddenly become terrorist: " jack it, destroy it, don't have mercy, just tear it!"                  It makes you so respectful: "give it to me pls, pls I'm begging, plsssss."      It brings out the loyalty in some: "yea, I love you, you are the owner, no one else, you are the bes


The Adventures of Jàgùdà continue! Dear Money, You can like to have sex inside my wallet, pocket and bank accounts and other hiding places,i dont mind. If you like sef Naira can nack Pounds and Dollars, etc,  i dont mind . Honetly... As long as u multiply, and the PRODUCT can be SPENT!!! As long as the result is spendable. Its all about Money!

Much Ado About Perfume: Dirty English- For Men...

Dirty English for Men So i just got this bottle of Dirty English for Men as a Valentine's gift and it is exciting me. The Scent is classy; a mix of  leathery, spicy,and Loud!!! It really does give of an extremely masculine smell and definitely something to wear on a really cold day. It reminds me of sitting by a fireplace in an English mansion (in my mind of course feeling really cool with myself whilst lighting a pipe in playboy pyjamas). A little dab goes a long way. From the moment you press SPRAY, till about 6 hours it envelopes nice sung like a cocoon. Excellent for hiding other smells eg smoke, food smell and of course fresh from the loo The packaging and heavy bottle with the steel inscribe coat of arms on the glass from make it feel antique in the hands with he leather strip with the metal crams dangling. Surprisingly affordable, £19.99 on E-bay (minus shipping of-course) The only down side is it doesn’t last too long and it stains white shirts(whi

Revival. Revival. Revival. - THIS VALENTINE!!!

The Adventures of Jàgùdà continue!!! His Holiness, Holy Prophet( Badly Drawn Dobs) Is Coming To deliver all the witches in Nigeria. Joining Him exclusively on the pulpit will be Senior Reverend,Apostle, Evangelist, Jàgùdà! Also featuring Heavenly Virgin Voices, -12 of the most succulent makossa dancers from Africa. Bring your mothers, girlfriends, wives, concubines, mistresses and lovers for divine deliverance and restoration They will stop demanding for Brazilian hair, Blackberry Porsche, and all those expensive things that keeps poverty squeezing your neck. Free Jaguda Juice for the first 1,000 women-fruit of the womb solution. Believe! A touch from the Holy ones will conceive you!!!